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About Us

Active Shooter 360, LLC exists to Simplify the Planning, Preparedness and Training operations of your organization to reduce the lives lost due to Active Shooter events and Workplace Violence. Developing and testing procedures is time intensive, costly, and requires tremendous staff hours. Our mission is take the burden from your organization and simplify the process. Our team of experienced staff is is here to do the hardwork and provide you affordable training and readiness solutions. Simply put, we are here to help you survive and recover from the worst case scenario.

Active Shooter 360 Store is designed to create affiliate opportunities to allow us to provide you with Active Shooter and Safety products at an affordable price. Through our contracting process and readiness solutions we can provide a product package that fits your security needs and budget. The AS360™ Store is not a traditional online store. Our products are listed as "Call for Pricing" so that we may discuss your specific needs.  

Active Shooter 360, LLC provides security assessments and comprehensive training and readiness programs. In addition we also offer procedure development and review programs. In conjunction with this we can recommend products and services to fill the gaps in your preparedness needs.

Thank you for visiting the AS360™ Store. Please contact us today to schedule a free training and safety consultation!