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TIER 1: awareness

Tier 1 Active Shooter Training Programs:

The Tier One seminars explore active shooter and workplace threats at the Awareness level to provide foundational or refresher education on active shooter and workplace violence.

Active shooter training seminars and workshops available now.

AS360 training photo: Tier 1 Event
ASHE Awareness program for hospital administrators.

Tier 1 Training Program Examples:

  • ➤ Active Shooter / Hostile Event Awareness
  • ➤ Workplace Violence Awareness Training
  • ➤ Active Shooter: What to do When Law Enforcement Arrives
  • ➤ Active Shooter: How to Survive Until Help Arrives
  • ➤ Custom Online and E-Learning Programs available

The first-tier workshops and seminars explore active shooter and workplace threats at the Awareness level. The AS360 programs are designed to provide training and education on multiple active shooter and workplace violence topics for schools, hospitals, churches and businesses.

An example of our Tier One active shooter training programs is the Active Shooter/Hostile Event (ASHE) Awareness seminar. This presentation includes a brief history of ASHE incidents including interesting overviews of several recent cases. This historical examination explains how the modern threat has evolved into the current ASHE incident model. This transitions into a segment explaining the AS360 3Gs survival model designed to teach specific survival actions for an Active Shooter/Hostile Event.

All of our Tier One seminars and workshops help businesses or organizations understand the modern threat, survival techniques, and threat management. These active shooter training programs are an ideal starting point for organizations such as private business, healthcare, educational, and first responders.

AS360 Tier One programs are written and developed by our team of experts including members of public safety, law enforcement, and the military. Each program is approximately one hour in length to accommodate your business schedule and is affordable for small businesses.

AS360 provides comprehensive solutions to meet all of your Active Shooter Hostile Event (ASHE) training needs. Whether you need a review of your current plan, development and practical application of a new procedure, or entry level awareness training, contact AS360 today to learn how we can help you and your staff learn to survive!

Read actual AS360 client testimonials to learn about how our Active Shooter Training programs have benefited professionals from various industries.

To learn more about our services and capabilities visit our AS360 Staff Page and review our team bios. We provide a dynamic group of skilled professionals that are highly capable to meet your Active Shooter Training and preparedness needs!

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Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Training
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 active shooter 360 - facebook Active Shooter 360 - YouTube Active Shooter 360 - YouTube Active Shooter 360 - YouTube


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