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AS360™ has the training, education, and experience to meet your organization’s needs. We have practical expertise and real-world experience developing, testing, training, and implementing Active Shooter, Workplace Violence, and Emergency Response Procedures. Having served decades as Police, Military, EMS and Firefighters our team brings years of real-world street experience, administrative experience, and formal university education to your organization. Our procedures and training programs have been developed and tested through actual hands on applications. We are more than a team of business men and women. Our staff have served and responded to actual terrorists events, military combat, SWAT deployments, shootings, hostile events, hazardous materials incidents and more. AS360™ provides all three critical elements of the success triad: Training, Education and Experience. Our team is ready to help your organization prepare and train for worst.

Active Shooter 360 LLC is designed to fill the gap between planning and preparedness

An Active Shooter or Hostile Event (ASHE) at your place of employment would be a highly traumatic experience. There are critical questions industry professionals must be able to answer:

Active Shooter PreparednessIs your staff trained and prepared to protect themselves?
Active Shooter PreparednessDo you have a plan to protect your customers?
Active Shooter PreparednessCould your organization survive and continue operations?

Active Shooter 360, LLC can not only answer these questions for you, but we can develop customized training direct to your organization. We can conduct site assessments, on-site training, exercise facilitation, distance learning solutions, and more.

Active Shooter 360, LLC utilizes a core team of program developers and experienced instructors. These members have direct experience with Active Shooter training, readiness, and preparedness. Our staff has over 100 years of combined experience in public safety emergency response, military tactical experience, and law enforcement. Our core team includes SWAT Medics, Battalion Chiefs, Air Force Para Rescue-men, LEO Special Investigators, EOD Technicians, and Navy Seals. Our core team is also complimented by a specialized SME consultants utilized for special needs contracts. Without question, AS360 has the talent, experience, and diversity that your organization needs to ensure you and your staff are trained, ready, and prepared for Active Shooter events and Workplace Violence!

Active Shooter 360, LLC exists to Simplify the Planning, Preparedness and Training operations of your organization to reduce the lives lost due to Active Shooter events and Workplace Violence. Developing and testing procedures is time intensive, costly, and requires tremendous staff hours. Our mission is take the burden from your organization and simplify the process. Our team of experienced staff is here to do the hard work and provide you affordable training and readiness solutions. Simply put, we are here to help you survive and recover from the worst case scenario.

Active Shooter and Workplace Violence Training
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Active Shooter 360, LLC


 active shooter 360 - facebook Active Shooter 360 - YouTube Active Shooter 360 - YouTube Active Shooter 360 - YouTube


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